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Live a life that’s fulfilling and in alignment with your true values with ease, passion and purpose

with Lisa Michaels


Lisa works with Spiritually Open Minded Clients to help recognise their brilliance towards their success and true purpose.

Soul Hearted Intuitive Coaching

Calling all spiritually heart centred people who are ready to venture more to the next level of success and who recognise that powerful support enables us all to reach our greatest potential.

I know you are seriously being called to develop yourself to a higher purpose where you will find your passion, however you’re unsure how to fulfil the big goals you have. You are competent, an action-taker and you’re ready to be successful. It’s time to engage and up-level in your life.


Why work with me?

You feel you are experiencing a spiritual awakening (although this is grounded) you feel ready to illuminate yourself, illuminate your way and have been searching for a deeper understanding.

You’re ready to allow and use the divine wisdom that we all have by starting to trust that intuition is our inner guidance system. You need guidance in your holistic journey where you will gain more clarity, focus and drive towards discovering your true hearts passion along with others who are on the same path.

You know there are obstacles ahead so whilst you are ready to look at things from a different perspective now you’re also ready for your hand to be held – you know that accountability is crucial for your success.

Real clarity is needed now and an experienced second pair of eyes who has been through this.

So you are ready to feel freer to embrace the changes you are being called to make and fulfil your mission, whilst welcoming an abundance of success? And that’s why…

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All sessions are guided and can be done in person or through Skype.

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