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Become The Architect Of Your Life.

Attract And Manifest A Dream Life That Is In Alignment With Your Soul.


I’m Lisa Michaels and I can help you do just that…


Confused not knowing where to even start let alone manifest it?

Frustrated, stuck in fear repeating old patterns you know are holding you back.

Is there a sense of being unfulfilled?

You know what you want, but just don’t know how you’re going to get there.

You feel you are being called to something greater

Don’t be giving up, you were designed for so much more than what you’ve settled for

Intuitive Life Coaching

I Believe In You, You Can Do This!

I’m With You All The Way.

This Will Open You Up To Your Higher self,

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually


Make positive life changes – Heal negative patterns of behaviour -Trust the nudges from the Universe through your intuition – Owning and taking responsibility of your self-care – Having healthy boundaries – Being empowered and a leader in your life – Having balance and being in harmony – Manifesting abundance consciously – Recognising the EGO space transforming to LOVE space


Spiritual Life Coaching Speaks in the Language of your Soul

This is the most effective transformation you will ever come across

You no longer have to feel stuck, confused, frustrated or overwhelmed with how your life has turned out.

This kind of coaching unlocks the ultimate doorway towards all healing, transforming and awakening what is crucial for your success.

Are you ready to feel freer, to embrace the positive changes you are being called to make, to live a life being open to receive abundance, prosperity, joy, love, harmony and happiness?

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