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What is an Empath?

What is an Empath

Do you experience chronic exhaustion in social settings? Has anyone ever told you that “you’re too sensitive” for this world? If so you maybe an empath.

An empath is a person who absorbs the emotions of others like a sponge and experiences these emotions as their own.

While empaths are warm, intuitive and compassionate people, their high level of sensitivity makes them prone to experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, exhaustion and physical illnesses.

If your someone who is attracting toxic people and often sets poor boundaries, feel negative energy and feel like you can’t cope anymore with over whelming feelings then by working with an intuitive Coach, what may seem as a curse to you can be transformed to inner strength, managed, and used to empower others and can be turned into a lucrative business.

Using this resource to develop physical mental, emotional and spiritual balance. You’ll awaken your highest potential and access the strength, love and wisdom found within your soul.

This impacts on healing the physical, mental and emotional realms. Learn about your spiritual purpose and how you can make a difference to others one by one.

After coming to terms with my own awakening and discovering why majority of my days were spent in exhaustion and sometimes pain when I had hardly exerted myself I started researching into this and looked for ways to improve my energy on many levels. I was astonished as to how many different empaths there are.

I am what you call a Physical and Astral empath meaning I am able to absorb or mirror the illnesses and bodily pains of other people, great gift I hear you say! Although this gift may sound like a burden (for untrained empaths) it helps us to deeply understand other people and develop high levels of compassion, empathy and wisdom.

As an Astral empath, I see hear and feel the energies and experience Astral beings, be it Spirits, Angels or Interdimensional beings. Sounds a bit out there and scary, however at the start of experiencing this I did think I was going crazy. Plus this can and did interfere with human daily life and can take you away from being in the present moment.

I decided how can I work with this rather than it become an obstacle in my life, trying to suppress these experiences thinking that I have a very warped imagination. I set about learning how to manage it using this to my advantage in my work I was called to do. Once you have an understanding and embrace the unknown you have something to work with and I believe everything can be turned into a positive and serve for the greater good.

There are in fact a staggering 10 different types of Empaths and in these different areas of energy expertise it is also common to overlap and share a number of different types.

What Type Of Empath Are You?

Physical Empaths

Physical empaths make highly skilled energy workers, acupuncturists, massage therapists medical initiatives and yoga instructors.

Emotional Empaths

The majority of empaths are emotionally receptive to other people which can then be absorbed internally. They deeply understand others and again develop high levels of compassion.

Fauna Empaths

These can feel and interact with animals on an energetic level. For example they will know what it is like to be a certain animal, they’ll understand their needs and struggles.

Flora Empaths

You may have already guessed this one, communication with trees flowers herbs and many other forms of nature, this empath will feel at home in nature and is able to sense the vibrations of plants.

Geomantic Empaths

Energies and signals transmitted can be read by this empath and may experience headaches pain, or anxiety before earth quakes or other natural disasters. They can also feel the energetic grids than spans across the planet.

Astral Empaths

The ability to travel through various layers of reality, astral empaths often have access and knowledge from worlds outside of our physical realm connection to the practices of divination and healing.

Psychometric Empaths

Physical objects such as photographs, jewellery, books clothing, are able to be transmitted and experienced by Psychometric empaths, just by touching the object.

Precognitive Empaths

These precognitive empaths feel occurrence of events before they happen. They may experience sensations through dreams, moments of deja vu, visions and through physical/emotional.

Telepathic Empaths

This means receiving information about others in the form of mental pictures, thoughts or words which then translate into feelings. They are able to accurately feel a persons unexpressed thoughts or energetic wavelength.

If you are unsure about what type of empath you are, you can send a email to and we will test your empath type.