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Discover How To Unlock Your Full Potential and With Abundance in 2021.

This Ultimate 8 session program will help you to repair your relationship with Money, Live without limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviours that no longer serve you.

Helping You To Quantum Shift to Create More Flow, Magnetism and Energetic Alignment with Abundance.

What if you could do it in the next 4 weeks?


Imagine “HOW” life would be to heal your money blocks for good, and become a money magnet.

How amazing would it feel to energetically align with those big dreams and desires with precision, clarity and focus.

Completely rewire your mindset and thoughts you have with money, self worth and confidence.

Having a clear action plan of how to stay in a positive mindset (even when your ego mind gets louder) how to SHUT UP the negative voice and keep it that way so it never disrupts or stops you reaching your highest and full potential.

To become limitless because you can finally unleash your full unstoppable potential to create massive change in your own life and those around you.

How you would feel to operate from a space of ease, flow and allowing abundance no matter what your current circumstances.

Having the ability of the healing power to clear and replace all your limited thoughts with positive ones with effortless ease to help rewire your mind for greatness and expansion.

Breaking through all those sabotaging beliefs that you have of yourself around your career, or that new job, or struggling with imposter syndrome currently in your work, or even embracing the journey you’re being called to answer as an entrepreneur.

Imagine having the power to remove any emotional blocks behind stagnation, struggle and procrastination .

Let me know if this sounds familiar

You’ve been feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and stressed out about money especially recently with the current pandemic situation.

You’re serious about wanting to change your mindset but you’re struggling to attract the financial prosperity and abundance to live your ideal lifestyle.

You’ve come to a road block as you’ve read loads of books in personal growth, mindset and self development and you’re not getting the results other guru’s are telling you should be getting.

Or maybe you’ve tried other mindset coaching programs only to be left feeling the same as when you started, nothing has changed whatsoever.

You’re feeling stuck, unhappy, angry and fed up as nothing is making the right things happen, watching others achieve with ease and going for their dreams, when you’re afraid of even starting because you don’t where to start.

You feel everything you’ve done up to now hasn’t changed your circumstances and fear seems to be getting in your way. As you make progress and then you experience major set backs every time.

Plus its having a detrimental affect and toll on your physical body, maybe you’re even experiencing upper/lower back, shoulder, neck, hip and leg pain.

It doesn’t have to feel this way

Whether you consider yourself a really positive person and you’re into self development and personal growth. I promise these methods I teach are extremely powerful and will help you to shift your mind and energy for success and abundance for good!

It can happen sooner than you think

That’s why I created this powerful 4 module transformational program, working through reprogramming the subconscious mind and then clearing the resistance and energetic blocks in your Energy Field is a total game changer to your success.

Lisa Michaels

Hi! I’m Lisa Michaels

I’m an Intuitive Life & Mindset Coach with an expertise in all things Mindset and Quantum Healing to Thrive. I help people to expand their consciousness, go beyond their limiting beliefs that will transform their life to become more vibrant, in alignment with their aspirations and desires.

After designing an easy transformational strategy that led to overcoming limiting beliefs, abundance blocks and other self sabotaging behaviour helping many people over the last 4 years. Working 121 with their limiting unconscious beliefs and helping to recode their energetic field that have stunted and blocked their abundance, success and growth.

I feel called on a mission to help more people reach their full potential and unleash that power that awakens you to your Full Potential and the Powers hidden within you.

I knew I HAD to have this mind-blowing launch, so I could help more people know what’s possible for them to start living without limitations that’s aligned and so that they can THRIVE in their Life.

To become a vibrational match, a container that harnesses the space of abundance and prosperity without distortion or resistance.

And this can help you in so many areas of your life as it did mine, from healing my own anxieties, burning out with stress every time holding me back and never being able to come away from that re-acuring pattern. That’s when I totally immersed myself and made a total commitment to studying Quantum Healing, using a recode to restructure the beliefs and dissolve patterns that were repeating themselves affecting my now reality.

I wanted to impact the world and help others heal what was in their way of success.

Because when we heal ourselves of the shackles we place upon ourselves and the conditioning we’ve endured. We become empowered, we become a magnet for positive circumstances, situations, the right people come into our lives and we become limitless.

I have a mission to show you that anything is possible that you can rewire your mindset, be rid of your limiting beliefs and have the power to heal those money blocks, self worth, self esteem, trauma wounds that are sabotaging not just your bank account but all areas of your life.

Are you ready to join this powerful program?

If you’re serious about success and you want more than anything to feel confident to create more abundance then you need to act as your next level self and step into that field.

I can show you how!

Empower yourself today

Take a look what’s waiting inside of the Wealth Mindset Academy

Evaluating your current relationship with money: Understanding and Knowing what your hidden money stories beliefs are and the scale of your limitations.

Healing Your Money Wounds and limiting beliefs: Helping you dissolve your blocks, shifting out of scarcity mindset and resistance towards money, wealth and success.

Resetting Your Beliefs and Self Worth: Rewiring your mindset around your behaviours habitual patterns and creating confidence with money.

Energetic Alignment with your Desires: We focus on dropping into your heart as to what you truly want to achieve and create Heart/Mind coherence.

Appreciation & Gratitude: Here we will practice gratitude, powerful statements, affirmations, set aligned intentions, the money rant that will magnify and attract more abundance.

Heres what you’ll get as part of the program:

8 High Level Sessions LIVE with me

Plus Q & A’s at the end of each session

One Very Powerful recorded Hypno-Meditation that you can use indefinitely that will rewire your mindset

Worksheets, Materials, to aid your progress that is easy to implement into your life.

Every session is in real time with me, via zoom (Video call)

The value of this coaching is £2997 but I’m offering it for

Price of £1,500

Lets get you signed up now

You can take advantage of my Pay-As-You-Profit program.

You’ll get started with a payment of £500, followed by two more payments of £500, spaced 30 days apart (a total of 3 payments).

Course starts: 5th May 2021

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