1/ Positive “what” “where” how and who for example:

What areas of my life do I need to change immediately to increase my finances and thrive in abundance?

What can I do more or less to attract my perfect partner? Make sure you ask this separately what I can do more and then ask what can I do less.

Other wise you may miss the answers, you can write these down and when writing them down they can have even more powerful affect.

How can I become more magnetic and increase my circle of friends?

How can I move more quickly towards the career I’m interested in?

Where could I go that would increase my chance of manifesting my intention?

Who could help me reach my goals faster?

This is another style questioning that our subconscious mind can’t resist.

“What if’s”

I love playing the what if game, if you treat it like a game and have fun with it you won’t be too attached to outcomes, Ill cover this is another blog/ video

What if everything I want comes to me exactly as I’ve imagined it?

What if something better than what I want comes to me?

What if everything that I think is negative is actually pushing me towards my desires?

What if everything is being worked out for me without me having to do anything about it?

What if I came into receiving money in a very unexpected way?

What if my perfect partner just showed up in my life randomly?

The way to entice the subconscious mind into working towards your manifestations is with:

What would it look like if?

These are a great way of shifting and convincing your mind they are more believable as your logical mind isn’t going to be standing in way of the suggesting questions which can often affect manifestation to a desired outcome.

What would it feel like if I had that car I want?

What would it feel like to spend time with the partner of my dreams?

What would it feel like to be completely secure in my finances?

What would it feel like to go on my dream holiday?

What would it feel like to have everything I want?

With feelings and emotions that correlates with desires is a very powerful combination.
This forces the universe to align you, to what you are wanting you may not realise it at the time but this is how the universe works with us.