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Things you should you know about Meditation


You may like I was be wondering what all the fuss is over with all this new age meditation lark? Its seems that more and more people are tapping into this simple ancient practice. I have to admit my thoughts were well how can going within for 15 minutes really benefit my wellbeing and peace of mind? So a friend of mine said “give it try what have you got to lose Lisa”

The first time I found it really hard to not get distracted from my 50,000 thoughts rushing in my head, we all have what I now call the drunken monkey mind syndrome. It’s actually like we are chasing something, to get somewhere and then when you think your there and you’ve mastered what you’ve caught up with it tends to escape you again and keeps you on this treadmill of endless things to do, we have become unable to say no to things and have become people pleasing all the while this takes us away from what we wish to accomplish ourselves.

I realised just how busy my life was, and although I wasn’t sure what I gained from my first time, I did enjoy the space and peace I felt. So I decided to really go with it and disciplined myself everyday I let go of my expectations and my approach was lets see where this takes me.

Now I run workshops Mindful and Meditation workshops with guided meditation’s helping you to gain focus, clarity, gain the benefits I have and manage you drunken monkey mind.

So many people start meditating and then give it up, why because they have false ideas around it. One of the biggest ideas that can restrict us is the becoming self empowered from this ancient technique. If you think mediation as purely as an eastern practice you’ll be misguided.

Another is You do not actually silence your thoughts!

You simply, or for some…not so simply, learn to watch them go by without attaching emotion to the thoughts. One of my meditation Mentors described it as watching clouds without deciphering between the clouds. When you realise you’ve gotten distracted by a certain thought, you simply come back to the breath and start again. No judgment. Just observation.

You do not need to sit on a cushion with incense burning chanting mantras all night long.

Meditation doesn’t have to be all that formal or all that woowoo, actually. In fact, there is no one right way to meditate. Some people like to listen to music, whereas some practices teach you to focus on the breath. The best thing to do is to shop around and find what suits you best. There are (Heart Meditations Radio), YouTube videos and many many more resources that will help along the way.

You do not need to block out a certain amount of time everyday.

Simple meditations can be as short as a single conscious, “Thank You!” A quiet moment of gratitude is a great place to start. And that can happen on the underground, stuck in traffic, in line at the store, waiting at the Dr’s office, you name it. Tuning in to just a few conscious breaths each day is more powerful than you think.

Meditation is not attached to any specific religion.

Sure, many of the tenants of Eastern meditation come from Buddhism or other religions, however you do not need to believe in a certain doctrine in order to practice and receive the vast benefits of meditation. Meditation teaches you to focus on your breath and the physical sensations in/on your body that we often overlook, bridging the gap between mind and body.

Meditation is a constant practice.

In a gym class, each session is different. Every time you enter the gym you do so with a different body and mind, whether you are aware of it or not. Some days you might have more balance than others; some days you may feel stronger; some days you feel like a natural that’s why they call it a practice.

Meditation is just like that, which is all the more reason to develop patience, compassion and forgiveness along the way.

I practice 15-30 minutes of meditation everyday depending on my schedule. Sometimes it’s in the morning, sometimes it’s whenever I can squeeze it in throughout the day. My ideal place is in nature or at the park, since I live in outside London, I have to get creative. I use a few props to get me feeling more zen at home. I like incense or sage, and I love a good guided meditation to mix things up.

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