Things You Should Know About Meditation

You may be wondering what all the fuss is over with this new age meditation lark, I have to admit these were my thoughts until I accidentally got an opportunity to try it, a friend of mine introduced me, doing it the first time I thought well what have I got to lose. I have to admit the first time felt odd, I realised how busy my life was and actually I enjoyed the peace of it. Like most things if your disciplined to something it becomes habit, so I let go of my expectations and my approach was lets see what transpires from this Ancient Hindu practiced tradition.

I think like most people I thought how is it possible that meditation can simply benefit so many areas in my life just sitting there and going within for 15 minutes? Well in doing so repeatedly like clock work I did this every day and to my amazement I started to feel different, my mental clarity and intuition seemed to appear, it was like I was seeing clear for the first time in my whole life. Sure I’d read things about what benefits Meditation can help you with however there is nothing like experiencing something so simple yet with such ongoing powerful results.

Majority of us haven’t even got time to spare 10 minutes for lunch in our day, I think you’ll agree we live in a very fast and busy constant era where the choice of things are plentiful most of the time the choice is made for us rather than coming from us. We have learnt to become lazy when it comes to thinking for ourselves, or even just thinking anything at all. A quote made about this “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” This takes us further away from ourselves and we are kept busy on the treadmill of life trying to keep up with the expansion of our growing world.

Majority of peoples inner thinking is actually negative chatter it’s self judgement, self sabotage, fear, anxiety, stress, comparison to others, guilt, apathy, lack. These are projected thoughts which has created our reality as it is, because our thinking creates our reality. Meditation helps you reach inner peace, it quietens the inner chatter from having any power over you. Your perspective on life changes, your behaviour changes. Our inner stories from our past and upbringing is upgraded you become more aware of who you are. Everyone one of us has infinite unlimited potential and Meditation has the power to open this door to your intuition and live from a different perspective.

There is no quick fix in life as we learn by doing. Give meditation the opportunity to help you find yourself, life is too short to spend even a moment of it judging yourself, or others after all nothing ever became right, by looking at what is wrong. True sustainable change comes from choosing to do something different.