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Leveraging the Universe


How to Manifest & Live An Abundant Fulfilling Life

This IS For You…

If you’re no longer wanting to feel stuck, confused & held back by your limiting beliefs and negative self talk. If you’re ready now to commit and take action to start creating a life that is in harmony with your heart’s desires.

Ready to follow a step by step process with the support and guidance to manifest it, then this is for you.

Here’s What You Will Be Coached On

Session 1 Understanding HOW to work with the Law Of Attraction.

Session 2 Letting go of limiting beliefs, recognising the negative self talk. The Power of thinking, language, words and Affirmations.

Session 3 The 3 Step Process to Manifesting your desires (Aligning and Allowing)

Session 4 Setting Intentions, Rituals and Visualisation.

Session 5 Setting boundaries and learning self love/care.

Session 6 How to keep being a match to what you want with Journaling, Gratitude, Allowing, Surrender and detachment.

You’ll have constant messenger and Whatsapp access to me. Meditations and other tools, workbooks, ebooks and books aiding in helping you in this process of transformation. All coaching is online over zoom invite. Payment plans are available. Agreed times of coaching to fit in with your life.

You’re never alone and will be held accountable for your growth and learning without the pressure or overwhelm. In order to get results it’s important for you to integrate and action everything that is mentored and this is at your own pace that feels comfortable and manageable to you.

My mission for all my students is to fully embrace these amazing tools, gifts and to action them so that they have a positive impact on your life that is in alignment with your Heart and Soul. 


Investment 6 session @ £1597

(or 12 bi session payments of £133)

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