The Intuitive Master Coaching

You are spiritually aware and are now ready to focus and shift your life up a gear from where it is and willing to take it to the next level, you have big dreams, you love learning and helping others, you may even recognise that your an empath, and you feel as though you’re being called from a greater force to go deeper into your spiritual self development journey so that you can live to your full potential.

However up to now something has been holding you back and you don’t know how to break free from the procrastination, doubt and fears, you need guidance and support and the right person to take you there. Having worked the last 3 years with people worldwide this style of coaching is proven to get you to that next level to reach your full potential.

You’ll learn simply without the overwhelm…

How The Law of Attraction works how to use it and implement it and the 12 Spiritual Laws of the universe, yes there’s more laws..

How to create an Abundant mindset, energetically and experience big shifts in attracting more money, more love and better health.

We take a look at your fears, beliefs and anything holding you back from all that you can be. All Disempowering beliefs and how you can dissolve them.

Finding your real passion and purpose. Who you are here to be authentically.

Goal setting, Journaling and Vision boards, a plan of the steps towards the life you want.

You’ll also experience….

  • Increased sense of self-worth

  • Authenticity

  • Confidence

  • Increased creativity

  • Law Of Attraction (how to manifest on purpose)

  • Better more meaningful relationships

  • Increased motivation and optimism

  • Having a clear intuitive path

  • Better health (mental and physical)

  • Feeling more inspired and inspiring others

  • Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries (personally and professionally)​

Course cost £1997


How long is the course?

This is done over a 3 month period, You get 2 121 sessions of 60 minutes per month along with all my materials, included will be homework and accountable actions to take.

Can I cancel anytime?

No this is a committed working relationship, a deposit of £250 is required and is non refundable prior to starting.

How do I know this will work for me?

Lisa teaches in a creative way so that everything you learn you take action and she makes sure you are accountable. If you do all the required actions then yes it will without doubt work for you.

Is there a payment plan?

A suitable payment plan can be arranged and this can be discussed privately before hand.