I met Lisa through her meditation class. Always one to believe I couldn’t meditate (as I have a very active monkey mind!)

I now, with her guidance, cannot wait for my weekly meditations and each week I find it more and more beneficial.

I recently had a Life Weaving Clearing session with Lisa and it was a truly amazing experience – very spiritual and emotional and so accurate.

Lisa pinpointed emotional blockages and has now neutralised them and since this I can truly say I feel so much better and she has lifted any negative energy from me.

I now feel I am equipped to deal anything, I can highly recommend Lisa – she is a lovely lady and has given me so much support since I met her.

Sam Macklin
Sawbrigeworth England

After meeting Lisa in Meditation, I was feeling at a loss of what to do about my dog Jackson, he had developed sores all over his body, was often self harming and biting himself chewing on his own paws. After several visits back and forth to the vet and trying everything for weeks and not getting anywhere we were told that Jackson had an allergy and needed further tests to work out what it was.

After many pills, cutting this and that out of his grooming and changing his diet, Jackson had to wear a collar and at times a boot to stop him actually chewing.

Lisa picked up on what was going on with Jackson, intuitively tuning in asking me a few questions. She then explained what Jackson was actually feeling and going through on an emotional level, suggesting that we communicated in a different way to him, giving us actions
to take and taking it from there.

My husband and I took all this on board everything that Lisa suggested and we started to manage Jackson differently to before.

WOW incredible, the change in Jackson was literally instant… No more pills… No more collar… No more chewing his paws. We are now one happy family…

I could not believe the immediate change in him which I can not thank Lisa enough for.

5⭐️advice we highly recommend Lisa for anything your having struggles with Lisa knows how to get to the to the core of the problem.

The buzz word in our house now is TEAMWORK…

Sarah-Gary testimonial
Sarah & Gary Defriend

As I started to work with Lisa she once told me in one of the sessions that “I am not an ordinary coach” what I would say is not only is that 100 percent true. I would also say she is an extraordinary Coach. Her intuition and empathic gifts and genuine understanding of others and metaphysics gives her a real edge in her work. I feel while we worked together I was shown where my blocks were and where I was getting in my own way. Lisa supported me in getting rid of all that garbage that was holding me back and then replaced them with new positive tools so I can now live a more productive life.

As a result I am now much lighter and I am continuing working on creating a life for myself that allows my cup to be over flowing. My journey is actually just beginning and I am continuing to do more self development personal work with her. One of the most powerful coaches I ever encountered.

Thank you Lisa!

Robert Martin

Joining Lisa’s meditation workshops is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. They’ve not only helped me relax my thoughts and gain more clarity, but allowed me to rediscover and connect with the parts of myself that I’ve long neglected.

Lisa’s workshops are like a mini spa for the soul- every time I step into her studio I feel a deep sense of calm, a testament to what a wonderful and kind teacher she is.

Following weeks worth of workshops, I decided to attend Lisa’s energy cleansing session LIFE WEAVING CLEARING. It was a transformative and deeply spiritual experience that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to tap into their true potential, who perhaps feels a bit lost or wants to bring more positive, loving energy into their life and use it to drive their future actions.

Being in touch with yourself and your core feelings will always lead you to your true purpose and hence help you living your best life – Lisa’s work will help you do just that, her meditation workshops gently nudging you into the right direction and helping you connect with your inner self that already has all the answers you need.


I have suffered anxiety for years. Lisa’s techniques has helped transform my mindset into a more relaxed way of thinking. Her meditation exercises has helped relieved the stresses in my everyday life. I now use what she has shown me and I apply it everyday by practicing her deep meditations before starting my day. Since working with her my personal business has even shown more success. Thank you Lisa for being so patient and coaching me through visualizing life more positively.

Clare Fay
Dallas, Texas (US)

I always wanted to try meditation but was finding it difficult to do at home on my own. I couldn’t seem to quieten my mind and had too many thoughts running around my head so I would continue to put meditation on the back burner. When I saw Lisa was running meditation classes I thought I would try them. I’m so glad I did as now I am able to quieten my mind, meditate and experience all the benefits that meditation brings. I think being part of a group along with Lisa’s guidance has made my meditation journey an enjoyable one and I couldn’t be without it now. The benefits I have noticed is an inner peace and calm, I don’t worry about things as much, I have more clarity when making decisions and I feel like I have more balance in my life.
Lisa has provided a wonderful warm welcoming environment that anyone wanting to try meditation whether it’s for the first time or the more experienced would feel comfortable from the outset.

Figen Cemal