The Life Intuitive Coaching Program

As I started to work with Lisa she once told me in one of the sessions that “I am not an ordinary coach” what I would say is not only is that 100 percent true. I would also say she is an extraordinary Coach. Her intuition and empathic gifts and genuine understanding of others and metaphysics gives her a real edge in her work. I feel while we worked together I was shown where my blocks were and where I was getting in my own way. Lisa supported me in getting rid of all that garbage that was holding me back and then replaced them with new positive tools so I can now live a more productive life.

As a result I am now much lighter and I am continuing working on creating a life for myself that allows my cup to be over flowing. My journey is actually just beginning and I am continuing to do more self development personal work with her. One of the most powerful coaches I ever encountered.

Thank you Lisa!