Heidi Oliver

I met Lisa 2 years ago and she came into my life just when I needed her,
until then I had difficulty attracting abundance plus I was constantly overwhelmed with everything that I had to do.
So I guess you could say I was at breaking point where I knew I needed guidance out of the rut I was in .

Since then Lisa has been helping me to raise my vibration, and change the language I tell myself and this in turn has changed my life for the better and now I am attracting what it is I am wanting.

I realise now that I had what Lisa called, negative self chatter, Lisa helped me to work with my heart, listen to my intuition and what my main focus was on. She told me what you focus on grows… and now my focus is on bringing in abundance and a balanced lifestyle.

Before I didn’t realise that my focus was on what I didn’t want and therefore it kept showing up for me.
I’ve really experienced a massive shift now as I’ve changed the way I not only work but how I feel about myself and my life now.

I seem to have created more time and I have been attracting more money each month in the work that I do. Plus I am not over whelmed and I know what to do with the tools that Lisa shares to keep me attracting abundance and keeping my vibration raised.

If you are looking to up level your life and trust the process that Lisa lives by and actions herself. You’ll gain that by working with the Universe is the only way forwards. Since meeting Lisa attracting abundance is so much easier and once I started to action the things that Lisa advised I experienced big shifts in the right direction. I totally recommend working with Lisa Michaels.