Crystal Waters

I’ve been going to Lisa’s meditation sessions for well over a year and I have to say how magical the whole experience has been.

I’ve learnt how to use the law of attraction, how the Moon can effect us, embracing my own mind and thoughts and what messages the angels are sending me.

One particular experience was with the magic cheque that Lisa introduced me too, we were told to write a cheque of any amount that we wish to manifest and to put that energy out into the universe as if the cheque is real and in existence.

I did this a few months back with the amount of £500, I put it in my dream box and pretty much forgot about it but every now and then I would meditate with it in mind, as if I have already received it.

Lisa taught me how to do this effectively and how to manifest everything I could possibly dream of.

A few months later I was watching The Secret on tv and it got to the part where they speak about manifesting more money in abundance, I suddenly remembered that my desired £500 had actually already manifested in my life a month ago!

I jumped up and looked into my box and there was my cheque, I was so happy to realise that without really noticing I had manifested this money it was in my reality.

Lisa has helped me clear my mind and continue to better myself and follow my divine guidance.

I couldn’t be more grateful for her presence in my life and all that she has taught me through her meditation and regular updates on the universe and the energies surrounding us!