Best Meditation

I always wanted to try meditation but was finding it difficult to do at home on my own. I couldn’t seem to quieten my mind and had too many thoughts running around my head so I would continue to put meditation on the back burner. When I saw Lisa was running meditation classes I thought I would try them. I’m so glad I did as now I am able to quieten my mind, meditate and experience all the benefits that meditation brings. I think being part of a group along with Lisa’s guidance has made my meditation journey an enjoyable one and I couldn’t be without it now. The benefits I have noticed is an inner peace and calm, I don’t worry about things as much, I have more clarity when making decisions and I feel like I have more balance in my life.
Lisa has provided a wonderful warm welcoming environment that anyone wanting to try meditation whether it’s for the first time or the more experienced would feel comfortable from the outset.