Quantum Life Healing Therapy


This multidimensional method, uses special charts to help identify and remove emotional blockages that are layered throughout the body.

This is known as an “energy clearing” and is designed to move a person into a state of neutrality bringing them back to zero point.

Using a pendulum, and other means Lisa connects with your Higher Self and is able to identify the patterns of negative energy, whether in the past, present or future lives through the Higher Self, Lisa will remove or “clear” this energy releasing any pain felt in the physical body as well as emotionally and restoring harmony.

How does this work?

Quantum Life Healing Therapy

The process involves seeking out energetic blockages and trauma’s.

Lisa will work facilitating You mentally, emotionally and spiritually across realities required.

The benefits of Quantum Life Healing session with Lisa

This helps dissolve dis-ease at the causal level clearing it at the quantum field level.

  • Reduces anxiety stress
  • Removing emotional blocks
  • Unwanted energy chords
  • Increasing energy and creativity
  • Clearing and balancing your energy centers
  • Connect to inner guidance and spiritual support.
  • Dissolve addictions/addictive behaviours
  • Clearing karmic contracts
  • Blocks to SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE
  • This creates a powerful and safe environment for you to truly THRIVE in this world.

Lisa is a highly gifted intuitive, with years of coaching, and ‘energy psychology’ experience. She understands how to make energy-work and spirituality practical.

life healing

Being mindful of your current challenges, Lisa works in an altered state allowing her higher consciousness to guide the clearing process, checking to see which programmes or reasons are ‘causing’ the health conditions and/or life challenges being experienced.

How the healing manifests will be up to the individual Soul and Higher Self.

Often, you will need to bring your conscious mind (habits) into alignment with the vibrational shifts that will happen to reap the most benefit.

After a clearing, any negative subconscious tendencies will be greatly reduced since a clearing empowers you to live your life situations and transcend any limited perceptions you might have about yourself and others.

Remote healings – “absent” or “real-time” clearings

lisa life coach

Lisa works with clients remotely via Zoom or FaceTime worldwide. Having a ‘real time’ clearing online means you don’t have to be physically present at the time of your clearing. When working directly with consciousness or ‘Spirit’, there is no such thing as time or space.

The effect of this work is amazingly profound and powerful transformations beyond measure.

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