Law Of Attraction

What Will You Learn

This life-changing Law of Attraction course will teach you everything that you need to know about how you can use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to create your dream life. LOA is based on the simple concept of ‘like attracts like’, or ‘thoughts become things’, ‘ask, believe, receive’ and ‘what you can conceive, you can achieve’, but there is so much more to it than this.

The course teaches you the exact principles about how the Law of Attraction actually works, the missing principles that you don’t often learn with reading the Secret, the actions you need to continue to keep manifesting the life that you are dreaming to have.

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

This really is a course for everyone. Whatever dreams or goals you have in life, whether small or large, mundane or extravagant, this Law of Attraction Course will help the seemingly impossible become achievable, by incorporating the principles and the knowledge learnt from the course into your own life.

Did you know there are also 12 other Laws that are just as important?

You’ll also be advised on the right books to read and audio’s to listen to as well.

Week 1 What is the Law Of Attraction, a welcome to the Law of Co Creation.

Week 2 The Science and Mysticism behind the Law of Attraction

Week 3 The 3 Step Process, What are vibes (vibrations) and why is it so important to raise them?

Week 4 Raising your vibes with the Comprehensive Emotional Scale, The Power of thought, Words and Written Affirmations.

Week 5 Setting Intentions, focus on what’s going right in your life right now.

Week 6 How to keep being a match to what you want. Journaling, Gratitude, Allowing.


6 sessions @ £597