Intuitive Psychic and Card Readings

Energy Readings including Psychic, Tarot, Oracle and Angel Cards

Lisa has been a practicing Intuitive Life Coach for many years now. She is a naturally sensitive and intuitive psychic, medium and clairvoyant and uses these skills within her practice and readings. Energy readings are one of Lisa’s specialities; including psychic, tarot, oracle, and angel card readings. She can pick up on emotional, physical and psychological energy blocks, as well as tune into the energy timeline of a client.

Lisa is also very sensitive with all the information she receives, and will empower clients to take control of situations and guide them to make informative choices that will allow them to move forward in their own lives. While connecting with spirits and loved ones that come through in her readings, Lisa feels this is a privilege and an honour as it is both comforting and reassuring for her clients. Lisa encourages her clients to ask questions in the areas they are needing to address so that they can be confident with the knowledge that they have obtained from their individual reading to suit their needs at the time.

All readings are non-judgemental and insightful and are available one to one, group readings, in person or virtually!

£45 for 45 minute session

£60 for 60 minute session