Intuitive Life Coaching

Attract And Manifest your Dream Life 

That Is In Alignment With Your Soul

Eight Coaching Session

Learn how the Law of
Attraction works 

How to create an abundant mindset
experience big shifts in attracting more money, better relationships, more
love and better health.

Remove fear, resistance and all negative external impacts for good.

How to turn your own limiting beliefs 

into empowering ones and use them to support your journey.

How to move from Ego and into Intuition.

How to transform from anxiety into calm.

Learn what actions, rituals and meditations will help you raise and shift your vibration upwards. 


You’ll have messenger access to me to ask any questions you have. Unlimited access to my knowledge on manifesting and attracting your dream life. You’ll also have access to my intuitive psychic channeling. 





Eight Coaching sessions including 

full support via messenger.

121 or Group 

All coaching session are virtual

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