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How Vision Boards Can Help You Manifest Your Goals!


One of the most powerful tools for utilising the Law of Attraction is making a vision board.

Creating a vision board is more than merely cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them onto a board, hoping to attract your desires. Its a powerful tool to use that provides us with the opportunity to shape our lives and attract our deepest, greatest desires.

The Power of Choice

Visions boards force you to examine your desires and focus on what truly matters to you. Whether creating one or several boards, there is no limit to your desires.

The process of choosing what to put on your vision board is simple yet meaningful. First, identify your wishes or desires, then select images that represent those desires. This simple selection process narrows down your focus and personalises your board with specific messages that matter to you.

Our attitudes and beliefs create a magnet to attract events, circumstances and opportunities to live out those attitudes and beliefs.

The Power of Visualisation

Without a doubt, the key aspect of a dream board is so you can really drive home your desires and this sends a very loud clear message to the Universe with Visualisation.

It’s easy to think that choosing and focusing on a desire helps achieve it that specific desire, but visualisation isn’t as straightforward as you may think it is.

To understand why think back to your favourite achievement.

Remember how good it felt, basking in the warm glow of accomplishment and success.

Think about the moment when the desire to achieve that goal was a tiny seed of an idea in your mind and you said “yes” to the idea.

What were you thinking about then?

Were you worried and afraid, or excited and enthusiastic?

Did you visualise success or failure?

How did you picture yourself?

Did you say to yourself “I want this and I am going to do this” or “I want this but I don’t know, it’s out of my reach, I don’t think I could ever achieve this”?

That is creative visualisation its feeling it and backing up your visualisations with positive emotions which is energy is motion.


By repeatedly visualising an event, situation, object or person, you commanded your subconscious mind that THIS is what you want and this is what it must seek.

And it happened!

There’s no magic to creative visualisation! There is only intention and focus.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please do share your comments and connect with me.