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How To Identify And Release Your Core Beliefs…

We all carry around “core-beliefs” about ourselves. They are formed from the time we are born and continue to shape our adult life by our circumstances, our environment, the interactions we experience growing up in our home, etc.

These beliefs like nothing better than to rule us. It’s like we’re strapped alongside an alter-ego pilot who is determined on taking us down, even though we’re begging to stay above the clouds and soar.

Identifying what we “think” about ourselves, feeling and moving through the negativity, the pain, and accepting everything that has happened to us along the way, allows us the opportunity to move forwards and start trusting our intuition.

But this doesn’t happen over night!

A lot of what holds us back is not knowing ourselves well enough, our subconscious mind is running reruns you know the repeats you get at Christmas! It’s no different with us.

Is it possible to remove these and learn new behaviours and replace our beliefs?


So our beliefs become our truths and when a truth is established our psyche, logic has a hard time with it as this is like an inner conflict, you could say its a battle with your head and heart/soul.


As we tend to live in a society where logic is used more it’s letting our heads rule and not our hearts.

Breaking the bonds of attachment to our logic and going with more with what we feel is a smoother less resistant way to our success but we still have the trust issue!

So how do we start to trust that our high selves know what’s best for us?

One of the ways is to stop getting so distracted from ourselves and running away from our uncomfortable feelings.

Instead run towards yourself and trust you hold all the answers you could possibly need.

When we feel at home with ourselves we begin to feel safe in the world and we start to listen and pay attention to our heart/intuition.

The bottom line is we are all a work in progress. It takes patience, practice and a willingness for self-discovery, but once you awaken and connect with your feelings and intuition, and listening to what your heart is wanting anything is possible! Opportunities open up for you, you’re suddenly in flow with the universe, and it’s a truly magical feeling and way to go through your life.


E- Motion is energy in motion and the universe is made of energy therefore it is actually more powerful than logic.

Think for a moment – you may have experienced a time where “logically I know X, but I still did Y over and over again and so this becomes repeated.

Like “logically I know I should budget and save, but I still have trouble with my spending habits”

Or logically, I know I control my love life, but I still fear rejection, so I end up in relationships I know won’t last”.


There are probably endless lists of things you know but still do, think and believe. …

There is a universal truth that governs this pattern:

If there’s a battle between logic and our emotions..

Emotions always wins hands down!

There is a way to control your emotions and put you back in the drivers seat of your life.

For example you can make it a better emotion and here’s how, remember, e-motion is energy in motion therefore it can travel further and can create different outcomes in your life.

The power of our positive language can really help us achieve a higher vibration and therefore this can change your emotions.

Let’s say you’re wanting a pay rise but your scared your boss will laugh and say no, so this will emotionally take over you and so you may not even bother, or you’ve already set the outcome to a doubt of even receiving a full on no anyway!

Unless you exercise positively changing your emotions towards this outcome being that you’ve got this pay rise in the bag. You will not be able achieve these things as you’ve already quashed any possibility in the first place as you’ve in thought created this outcome already.

So it’s repeating to yourself and almost brain washing your subconscious mind with “I am good to get this pay rise and I feel good about the work I’ve done and I deserve a pay rise” When we feel good about things this attracts a positive outcome and this has an affect on our emotions which travels further as a signal to the universe as send me this pay rise and I am accepting this!

This affects how we vibrate in the world, its all to do with how we vibe higher/lower depending on the emotions that we have running in our subconscious mind.

Positive psychology plays a massive part where the mind is subject to positive powerful language, this can help you to change your vibration and therefore you change your emotions to vibrate higher and you become the driver of your life instead of just blowing any which way your beliefs are taking you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please do share your comments and connect with me.