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Why Being an Empath is Powerful


I’m An Empath

And you’re not going mad!

The moment you realise you’re an empath is like pulling a blindfold from your eyes and actually realising your not going mad and this its perfectly normal for you.

Suddenly things begin to make a lot more sense. Your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and interactions with other people can finally be seen and understood against the backdrop of your very distinct personality type.

For an entire life, there are the labels; you may have been called sensitive, weak, or even troubled. At last, you have discovered a label that actually fits you. You have a new-found identity, an updated sense of self, and a belief that you can now begin to explore your inner and outer workings with more confidence and knowledge without feeling like at outcast, you eventually find your tribe and you’ve come back home.

Understanding Being An Empath

Being a physical empath has and does have it’s challenges, weaknesses, ups and downs, negatives and positives light and dark days which I’ve had to overcome and accept.

So what is being a physical empath actually feel like, well I am extremely receptive to the undercurrents of energy all around me. I also would feel and get exhausted in crowded places and have always needed more down or alone time to reenergise myself.

I always wondered why my stamina was not quite as strong as others seemed to be, this would often hold me back from certain events. Also being extremely sensitive to anything and everything emotionally going on can be very over whelming whether it be happy or sad it had an affect on my mental state resulting in anxiety, depression and stress.

As I started to become more centred and balanced I worked on my inner being, I found a strong connection to my souls calling and started to understand how energy works plus working with spiritual mentors showed me how powerful it is when you’re that receptive and how you can use this to your advantage rather feeling its a burden.

I discovered that I can intuitively physically feel the emotional energy of others and that this sometimes would affect my own energy. I could feel anxiety and experience anxiety of others, the difference now is I know this energy that is felt is not mine and I have learnt the tools to handle this.

Also to help me understand more deeply was the study of psychology science and metaphysics of being an empath, this is where my research led me to and has continued to benefit me, so that I can help others that are feeling labeled or even feel they may be going crazy. You begin to understand that this is who you are, and this is who you will be for the rest of your life. You can still grow and change but you will always be an empath.

How I Look After Myself

Meditation and alone time have been my saviour, I also stay away from crowded places as much as I can… if I have to be in a crowded room then I just need to listen to my body, I also go for regular energy healing and I make sure I spend time out in nature to get grounded which really helps lift my energy vibration as this can affect my mood and I can really clear my aura field.

Sage is another item I use it’s like having an energetic shower as well as having a salt bath every now and then.

If you practice self love, and self care which a lot of empaths find difficult to do, giving yourself permission to practice self love by creating healthy energetic boundaries with self respect hasn’t been easy to implement but like anything practiced and done regularly its become a way of life and now feels natural to do. I also stopped trying to fix others, realising that everyone is responsible for their own happiness as this can be an empaths biggest tendency.

Having a good balance doing the things you love instead of putting them aside, listening to your inner being when your sensitive to energy is the only way you’re going keep that balance and cope with it.

How I Use This in My Work

Instead of being resistant or against what I feel, I have surrendered to what it can actually do. It’s helped me in my intuitive energy healing work to help others understand where and why they’re blocked and what they’re resisting in their life.

When you surrender to something you’re actually letting the universe flow through you, you experience profound levels of freedom you understand the message it carries your witnessing and observing instead of over thinking and resisting which can lead to a confusion of diagnostics which are blown way out proportion.

Being an empath is my tool along side my life weaving clearing & intuitive coaching practice.

It serves me well as the relationship I have is a positive one and I am not a victim to it.

So in life what ever cards your dealt you always have a choice of how you react to something. Before you make assumptions and judgments which are often outside of ourselves look within, you have all the answers you’re looking for.

I hope this has helped you to better understand what being an empath is all about and if this resonates or helps you in any way it’s done its job and I am grateful for that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please do share your comments and connect with me.

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