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This IS For You…

If you’re no longer wanting to feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed uncertain, powerless & held back by your limiting beliefs and negative self talk. If you’re ready now to commit and take action to discover how to awaken your life force energy restoring balance and alignment to start creating a life that is in harmony with your soul and heart’s desires.

Ready to follow a step by step process with the support and guidance to powerfully and energetically align, achieving optimal results so that you can begin to Thrive, then this is for you.

Here’s What You Will Experience & Discover:

Unblock and heal your past traumas, toxic past experiences that are causing chaos and unhappiness in your life. Healing with light frequencies through Quantum Life Healing therapy facilitated by Lisa Michaels

Letting go of disempowering and limiting beliefs for good, rewiring your mindset and negative self talk

Aligning and Allowing with abundance, love developing positive healthy habits and behaviours

Setting Intentions, Rituals and Visualisation.

Setting boundaries and learning self love/care. Maintaining and raising your vibrations

The powerful way of scripting and Journaling, Gratitude habits

How to Surrender, detach and allow the flow of your desires.

You’ll have constant messenger and Whatsapp access to me. Meditations and other tools, workbooks, ebooks, aiding in helping you in this process of aligning and thriving through spiritual transformation.

All coaching is online over zoom invite. Payment plans are available. Agreed times of coaching to fit in with your life.

You’re never alone and will be held accountable for your growth and learning without the pressure or overwhelm. In order to get results it’s important for you to integrate and action everything that is mentored and this is at your own pace that feels comfortable and manageable to you.

This is over a 6 session period @ £1597
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Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels

But don’t just take my word for it, look what some of my coaching clients had to say.


If you are looking to up level your life and trust the process that Lisa lives by and actions herself. You’ll gain that by working with the Universe is the only way forwards. Since meeting Lisa attracting abundance is so much easier and once I started to action the things that Lisa advised I experienced big shifts in the right direction. I totally recommend working with Lisa Michaels.

- Heidi Oliver, UK

Lisa has helped me clear my mind and focus on attracting what I want and I now continue to better myself and follow my divine guidance. I couldn’t be more grateful for her presence in my life and all that she has taught me through her coaching and meditation.

- Crystal Waters, England


As a result of working with Lisa I am now much lighter mentally and I am now continuing to work on creating a life for myself that allows my cup to be over flowing. Lisa supported me in getting rid of all that garbage that was holding me back and then replaced them with new positive tools so I can now live a more productive life.My journey is actually just beginning and I am continuing to do more self development personal work with her. One of the most powerful coaches I ever encountered. Thank you Lisa!

- Robert Martin, Canada


Being in touch with yourself will always lead you to your true purpose and hence help you living your best life – Lisa’s work will help you do just that, her coaching places you into alignment and the right direction and helps you manifest what you’re wanting its a amazing how this works out When I wanted to manifest money it just happened at the time I was needing it.

- Marta, Poland

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