About Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa Michaels, I am a Mum of two teenagers, and happily married for 21 years. I’m an experienced Intuitive and Psychic who mentors and Coaches in the Spiritual field of Life.

After embracing my spiritual awakening and empathic abilities, I followed my heart on a journey to develop myself to my full potential. My spiritual growth has included several modalities in energy healing, transcendental dowsing, meditation, metaphysics, psychology and Kabbalah.

In my heart I am no different to you, I have a desire for growth, freedom, balance and connection. I am totally passionate about living an authentic life which aligns with my true values.

My intention is to guide and support you in your journey of embracing you to find your passion and true self, to attract abundance, love, joy and live a life that is aligned with your heart and soul.

I believe that we create and are the architect’s of our own reality, and when the Corporate business world was no longer fulfilling me, I made a big jump into the unknown and I am so glad that I did, as now as an entrepreneur I get to lead my own exciting adventure.

Does this feel like you?

You feel destined for big things, but unsure how to make them happen?

Frustrated and stuck in fear of old patterns of behaviour you know are holding you back.

Confused not knowing where to even start, let alone how to manifest it.

Then the Universe has brought

you here on purpose!

Are you ready to start your exciting adventure?

Then look no further, schedule a free 30 minute one to one chat with me and lets get you started!

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