About Me

Work With Lisa who is an expert in her field of Life & Intuitive Coaching. Empath and Psychic Medium.

After embracing my spiritual awakening and empathic abilities, I then followed my heart, a path towards developing my skills studying further into several modalities in energy healing, transcendental dowsing, meditation, metaphysics psychology and Kabbalah learning.

I work on a deep soul level to help you recognise the concealed forces within us that activates and motivates us, this becomes easier to break down the paradigms and beliefs, freeing us to transform to who we truly are meant to be and align to our souls true purpose.

In my heart I’m no different to you, I have a desire for freedom, balance and connection I’m passionate about living an authentic life which aligns with my true values.

I guess you could say I’m a women on a mission to add increase to those who are ready to honour their calling and who want to ignite their unlimited potential, towards harmony and success in their life.

I truly believe we are the architect’s of our reality, and so The Corporate and Business world served it’s time in teaching me many things I then wanted to become an entrepreneur and lead my own adventure.

So if your feeling that you need guidance and are ready to start your adventure, then let’s schedule in a 30 minute chat session to see if we can work together to bring you more clarity and focus to your journey of becoming the best you can be 07799412610.

In this call we will be able to attain whether we can work together, and find out if this coaching method suits your needs. All coaching sessions can be done by Skype or Zoom invite..or in person.

Click the phone number to book a free 30 minute consultation to (+44)07799 412610 or Write an email – lisa@lisalifecoach.com.

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